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Lots of women experience firsthand, what cystitis is. Notably, over half those, once having addressed cystitis, are afflicted by this torturing unpleasant disease repeatedly. In 90% of cases, bladder inflammation provokes intimate micro-flora dis-balance, when the amount of healthy lactose-bacteria living about the vaginal mucous membrane reduces drastically, and opportunistic flora starts growing (staphylococci, streptococci and coli-form bacteria). Thus &ldquoharmful&rdquo bacteria enter into the bladder and cause inflammation.

Even timely and delay premature ejaculation pills of cystitis doesn&rsquot yield the specified outcome right away. Consequently cystitis causes intimate micro-flora dis-balance, which further provokes a growing number of diseases, both gynecological (coleitis, candidosis, vaginosis, uterine cervix inflammation) and urogenital (repeated cystitis or urethritis).

This vicious circle is not really easy to get rid of, because any preferred approach to treatment methods are pointless, prior to the balance of micro-flora is restored, otherwise the sickness can keep aggravating and lower to the majority of serious consequences, such as infertility. The most up-to-date innovative product on the Vision company, called iCBerry, may help prevent dysbacteriosis and confuse cystitis once and forever.

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The innovative product iCBerry carries a unique formula that also includes lactic acid bacteria&mdashLactobacilli acidophili (dominating microorganisms inside the vaginal flora of your healthy woman) and cranberry extract. Those two substances help support acid environment with the genitals and prevent spreading of opportunistic microorganisms, thus protecting female body from various diseases, i.e. cystitis, vaginitis and also uterine cervix inflammation.

Lactobacilli acidophili&mdashare bacteria, up against the acid environment, which will help them reach their target without losing wholesome features. However, these lactobacteria are extremely sensitive to light, humidity and temperature growth. Active ingredients of iCBerry are sealed inside the thick shell of rapeseed oil that allows preserve their useful properties. Rapeseed oil makes iCBerry formula steadier and protects sensitive Lactobacilli acidophili from temperature swings and humidity.

The market can&rsquot boast of the steadier pro-biotic product formula. All ingredients of iCBerry are selected in accordance with a principle of synergy, which allows enhance their action. Supplementary active ingredients of iCBerry are ascorbic acid, selenium and zinc, that boost overall immunity and shield the urogenital system from inflammatory diseases. Whereas vitamin C also facilitates growing of beneficial micro-flora so it helps maintain normal pH with the vagina.

ICberry is mandatory not just as a preventive remedy from the urogenital diseases. It is highly effective as an ingredient with the complex treatment regardless if the balance of microorganisms within the vagina has recently provoked inflammation, vaginitis or other illnesses. Besides, iCBerry produces a double action: cranberry helps eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the urinary tracts, and Lactobacilli adophili efficiently restore intimate micro-flora.

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