How do I find the right Custom Leather Stamp?

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Written by: Anthony Creek

Confused on what type of stamp to acquire for embossing leather? Naturally you’re! You can find metal ones, some crafted from plastic and several which are flat used with a clicker press. In addition there are some that you could heat up for branding leather. 

What you should know the bottom line is is all in this article

Plastic Stamping Tools- If these are made correctly they could be inexpensive and work effectively along with have great longevity. Plastic custom leather stamps is capable of more detail than metal stamps because they are etched by using a laser. Usually you will get these created for under $100. A lot of people feel that they chip easier because they’re crafted from plastic if the line is made thicker inside artwork they are able to work well really well for long periods of your time. Everything relies on artwork. If your stamp is over 1.5 inches in proportions its better to get a plate made to utilize a clicker press. The same goes for a metal stamp.

Metal Stamping Tools- With metal stamping tools you should have a quality and acheive as well as a crisp image on the leather. The drawback is basically that you can’t get all the detail with metal stamps that you can with plastic etched ones. Metal stamps don’t ever have all the bounceback as plastic ones the good thing. There’s pro’s and cons for each different kind of stamp. Just like leather maker stamps made out of plastic, anything over 1.5 inches must be made into a plate and used with a clicker press or some type of modified press as you have a bounceback with a certain size also it doesn’t allow for a quality impression.

Leather Branding Irons- can be utilized with soldering irons if purchased in a company that creates attahments to utilize a soldering iron. These are not too expensive in contrast to a good one and also the work great too! It is likely, is you can detach and put another one on if you’d prefer. Branding provides leather a burnt look when pressed against the leather. Additionally, it takes about 10 minutes to warm up the tool but you will get good production from the.

Every type of embossing tool provides different look to veg tanned leather when you use dyes or paints. Its harder to create over a branded leather item when utilizing light colored paints than darker ones. You are able to achieve accomplishment with Angelus leather paints and dyes work really well.

Each tool provides different effect and search, so its basically your choice as well as your kind of branding yourself and revealing what you can do.

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