Camera Stabilizers: Accessible Filmmaking Gadgets For Non-Pro

24th March, 2012 - Posted by caprica - Comments Off

These days, virtually any camera has video capabilities. Heck, get a mobile phone and it most probably can record video. For sure, the grade might be doubtful but that is not the idea. The thing is, it is almost everywhere. Now, any aspiring filmmaker can arm themselves with a few of the simplest tools of the trade.

Well, that’s until their imagination grows. Using our access to all these automated equipment arise so many choices and capacities; it could also expand our aspirations and ideas. The challenge right now will be, carrying them out. After we have finished from the basic digital camera and saved up for a decent video camera to start “recording” our indie film assignment, we are going to also by then, have found the limitations of shooting with a mobile system. Almost any flick not worth his or her salt knows that no amount of steadying will take the jarring movements from their shots and that for an expert looking result-that even an independent film would intend-one would need to make use of a camera stabilizer. 

There lies the rub. For hobbyists, students, or independent filmmakers, use of products such as a camera stabilizer, that is essentially among the most basic camera instruments, is not at all times easy or inexpensive. For the longest time, these are already mainly for the application of professionals who had access to them through big-fund studio projects. The same could be said all through the larger, more inticate, and more pricey equipment.

The nice thing about digital revolution is that with more individuals accessing film and video products which are now prevalent and typical but would have been considered top secret and leading edge ten years ago, is that the market is able to desire better extras and services from the design, engineering, and production industries. 

These are actually thrilling times for the innovative areas. Right now, for less money, there are actually independent filmmakers working at it using new and affordable technology. No access to costly specialized equipment? No problem. Technology and design has come as far as to deliver solutions. We have now excellent filmmaking gear from camera stabilizers, to jib cranes, to track dollies at a portion of the cost of professional-quality device. 
Afterall, it’s not about the devices one shot with, it’s about the film. 

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