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Be carefull Sep 08, 2011

The new system of automatic verification form shall suspend any account that did not pass the basic test, from September 11, 2011. Please check your browser so you can pass the basic verification.

About the payments Aug 06, 2011

Payments of less than 0.2 will not be processed on. Anyone who requires a lower payment than 0.2 and that his account is observed, will be suspended.

Payments with delay Jul 28, 2011

all payment will resume 3 Ago.

Payments Jul 21, 2011

We are going to pay for valid click, if you received an email, is that your account has problem.
The system went into effect from Sunday July 17, 2011

Set up your brownser Jun 01, 2011

Please remember them:

1. Dont use proxies
2. Set your country in order to not have problem in the future.
3. Your javascript must be activated.
4. Your image loading must be enabled.
5. Your browser must be accepted cookies from third party.


Payments with delay May 03, 2011

All payments will resume on May 18. If you do not want to wait, on May 4 is the last day for demand your payment, even if it does not reach $ 0.2US Admin

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